How To Decorate With Terrarium Gardens

Humans are explorers who like to get to know the environment they live in and then, when they find something that they like, they incorporate it in their lives and make it part of their homes. We enjoy welcoming nature into our homes. Caring for plants is a common activity which gives us pleasure. Terrarium gardens are quite lovely in this sense. They don’t require much maintenance and they’re easy and fun to work with.

Indoor terrarium herb

If you want to make your own terrarium garden, one option is to use mason jars. Clean a jar and remove the label. Then turn it into a mini garden. Put some pebbles at the bottom for drainage, then add some soil and a small plant. You can display your creation on the windowsill, on a table or hang it somewhere in your home.

Glass globe terrarium

Another methods involves using globe terrariums. To make such a decoration you’ll need a glass bubble bowl such as the ones featured on bystephanielynn, some tiny wood finial dowel caps and some wood stain or paint. Fill the terrarium with pebbles, charcoal, cactus soil and moss and use a mixture of succulent plants.

DIY hanging terrarium

The DIY terrarium featured on instructables would make a great gift for someone you care about. It would also be a beautiful decoration for your own home. The materials you’ll need to make this terrarium include a glass globe, sand, activated charcoal, potting soil, sticks of bark, minerals, shells, stones, small plants and air plants and a hook to hang the planter by.

Costal living inspired picture

Decorating with terrarium gardens is easy, considering how beautiful they all are. A good idea can be to display them on the coffee table in your living room. Side tables are also suitable locations. Make sure your plants get enough natural light.

Tabletop terrarium

You can have several such planters or terrariums put together on the coffee table for diversity or if you think they look good that way. However, you could also choose to place them each in a different spot so the whole room can look fresh and beautiful.

Glass terrium

A beautiful glass terrarium can also make a wonderful centerpiece for the dining table. This is usually a good idea in the case of a modern or contemporary interior design. The centerpiece could be the only touch of color in the room and it could complement a contrasting décor.

Globe terrariums

Globe terrariums are easy to work with. You can have several of these spread throughout your home. Fill them with succulents and create a diverse combination using different shapes, textures and colors. You can also add small artificial decorations such as figurines and other things.

Sunroom round dining table with a top terrarium globe

Terrarium gardens come in a variety of designs. They can have geometric designs which suit modern and contemporary interiors or could be minimalist in which case the succulents inside them would be the center of attention.

Coffee table terrarium

You can experiment with different types of terrariums and combine different types to capture the right design. You can also display them together with other small planters or with flower vases. Such a combination could become the center of attention in your living room.

Open space kitchen with some terrariums on top

When selecting the terrarium, try to find a design that suits the style you have chosen for your home or for that particular area where you’ve decided to display the terrarium. A minimalist glass globe, for example, would look nice in a modern setting while a glass bell would a hint of vintage charm.

Green touch for table

There are many beautiful ways in which you can use terrarium gardens as decorations for your home. Dining room centerpieces are one option. Other include displaying them on shelves, on the living room coffee table, on the bedroom nightstand or hanging them from a wall or from the ceiling.