How To Get Faux Mercury Glass Ornaments Using Paint

We’ve already shown you how to create and then decorate with mercury glass vases so now it’s time for something different, more festive. We’ll have a look at how you can make ornaments for the Christmas tree. They’ll have that unmistakable mercury glass look and you’ll be able to make them stand out using paint.

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For the first project, you should start with a bunch of silver Christmas ornaments. Perhaps you can find some old ones that you no longer find attractive or which could use a makeover. You’ll also need some black acrylic paint, shimmering silver stencil paint, a kitchen sponge and a paintbrush. You basically dip a corner of the sponge in the black paint and then you use it to create a unique design on the ornaments. The silver paint can be used in a similar way or you can use it to coat the ornaments before adding the black touches.

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The second project is also simple. For this one you’ll need some looking glass mirror-like spray paint. You’ll also be using some metallic gold craft paint, a spray bottle filled with water, a hairdryer and some q-tips. Spray the inside of the ornaments with the looking glass spray paint. Swirl the paint around for even coverage. Use the hairdryer to help the paint dry faster. Then, when it’s almost completely dry, mist the inside of each ornament with water. You can then use a q-tip for small touch-ups. You can do the same thing with gold paint. {found on thefrugalhomemaker}