More Living space & more room for family in a remodeled basement

The builder-designer, David Amundson was required by the owners of the house not to use fixed furniture placement in the walkout basement. Thus, the sofas, ottomans and the storage solutions had to shape shift and transition from one space to another easily. Another requirement was that the basement is open and light filled, with areas for crafts, play, entertainment and dining.

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The result is a versatile, colorful and bright living space that can be used by both kids and adults. The eastern part is obviously open, perfect for anyone who wants to feel at ease, without the restrictions imposed by furniture placement. The entire space is inviting, perfect for unobstructed play. If the white walls reflect plenty of light thanks to the large windows, which make the space feel big and bright, the neutral color palette of gray, blue and forest green is inviting, sophisticated enough for adults, but also hiding crayon marks. The green storage drawers are perfect for the entire family, while the movable drawers in the blue spruce are both unique and fun.

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The two workstations in the craft area are marked by the counter space wrapping around two walls and what better space can be used for art display if not the wall space? A remnant of the old basement is the concrete floor sustaining ping-pong games, trains, roller-skating and all sorts of play activities. The kitchenette is the space that gathers the entire family and friends to eat and play. The family can move the seating, rearrange furniture, get a drink, do crafts in the best-planned and most comprehensive basement.