More Children’s Bedroom Ideas from Dearkids

When selecting kids bedroom furniture, two things are important: strength and safety. But an important aspect when you are looking to buy kids furniture is the color.The Italian company Dearkids showed more furniture for children. Pink, orange, purple, yellow and blue are the dominant colors and everybody loves them.Personally I like the walls design with flower arrangements, carpets, beautiful mirrors, fluffy pillows.

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These bedrooms are very well designed and they show they are made by professionals because they have exactly the right size, style and architecture kids would love, vivid colors and enough space for playing games.

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Each room is designed in a different way, depending on the different criteria used: if the kid living in the room is a boy or a girl (the boys’ rooms are designed in blue or more masculine shades and the girls’ room is painted in pink, red, orange) if there are more kids living in the same room there will be bunk beds and more storage for the toys, etc. If you don’t want the room to be that obvious about the kid’s sex you can choose an orange one or a pale green one. The color of the walls is also chosen for most of the furniture and interior design and the combination of shapes and shades is great.