Moon Retro Armchair

Every once in a while you notice the same tendencies in fashion (any kind of fashion, not only clothes, but also in furniture) as they were twenty or thirty years ago. People like old-fashioned style over again, only add some features and call the new style “retro”. Just like mini skirts were in top in the 70s but also in the 90s, you will notice some furniture that was considered hot in the seventies and is still considered chic. One very good example is the Moon Retro Armchair. It is a very cool armchair because it has a simple, but very fashionable shape and colour, designed by To Mike, founder of Object Design Studio.

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Even though the look of this armchair is really retro, it is made thanks to very modern methods. It is compact but lightweight and it is obtained of a moulded glass fiber. It has a glossy finish in order to look great and stylish and it is available in many colours like red, black, orange and grey. It is highly resistant and is not affected by weather , so you can use it both indoors in your living room, but also outdoors on the terrace or in the patio. It is ergonomic and easy to clean and you can have it for £439.00.