Montain Residence near Boulder, Colorado

In Geological terms a syncline is a crease caused by an uplift of an ancient sea bed. This is where the Syncline House derives its name from and chillingly enough exactly where it’s built.

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Located on a site between the Rocky Mountain and the Great Plains, the Syncline house defines an example of an architectural feat. The strong winds coming down the mountains makes this so and apart from making use of the plentiful rocks for its foundations and as part of its wall, Arch 11(the designers) also had to employ the strong and much needed help of a steel brace frame.

But they did so with insurmountable ease and success self-utilizing the rocks for walls, columns, staircases and surprisingly enough, beauty! Because beauty is exactly what this house defines. The natural views outside, the tastefully assembled living room, the simple but elegant staircases, the design. Virtually everything in this house is beautiful. What’s more? it’s a perfect getaway from the noisy and busy lifestyle of the city.