Mono-block and Modular Kitchens

Mono-block and modular kitchens offer high levels of flexibilities as well as performance. Besides traditional modular kitchens, they also manufacture mono block cooking tops. Some of the top customers of the gadget are the leading restaurants and these innovative cooking appliances are gradually making a roadway into the affluent homes around.

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One of the leading models is Qubica flexible mono block kitchen made by Inoxpiu. Equipped with hidden wheels, Qubica is light weight and agile and can be easily moved around. Covering of zero models is made with carbon fiber, the material that is used for aerospace industry. A wide variety of colors and textures are available in respect of mono block kitchen.

Another form of mono block modular kitchens is the Unica that is an exclusive and unique type with a limited edition of only nine pieces synthesizing perfect design, elegance, technology as well as passion for gourmet arts.

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Posted in Kitchen on May 23, 2010

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