Industrial table with glass top

Glass is normally used for windows and for other similar things. You wouldn’t expect to see a glass table, but everything is possible and glass tables are actually very beautiful. I have one at home and I’m telling you it looks really nice. You use it as a normal table or a coffee table and you can see the carpet at the same time. It’s rather unusual to see through the table you eat on.  This Industrial table with glass top is great and it only comes to illustrate my words.

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People can get really creative and in this case they turned an industrial support for glass while it was cut into a real industrial table. It looks great and it feels great, as it is bit and impressive and also fragile at first look, since it is made of glass. But this particular glass table top is really thick (¾”) and made of tempered glass, which makes it safe for people. The table reproduces factory fittings and is artisan crafted with lots of care. The glass top and the metal support are hand crafted and hand finished and that makes each item unique. The tables are available in two sizes (72″ and 92″) and that is why the prices varies between $2295 – $2595.