Monastery converted into hotel in Prague

Hotels don’t necessarily have to be built from scratch. They can also be the result of converting a building with a former different use into a hotel. In fact, these are the best cases. These hotels have character and a unique charm and they also have a rich history behind them and a story to tell. This particular hotel is located in the heart of Prague and it used to be a monastery.

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The Augustine was formerly a monastery dating back to the 13th century. The building was impregnated with lots of unique and very beautiful architectural details. Most of them have been preserved as to conserve part of the history of the building and to preserve its original charm. The monastery was converted into a 101-room hotel. The interior and the décor were a project by English-based design company RDD.

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The architects decided to preserve elements such as the dark wooden doorways, the vaulted ceilings and even some of the interior paintings.The façade of the building has been restored and the interior modernized. The hotel still features a certain ecclesiastical atmosphere but it now has an entirely different function. Most of the rooms are overlooking the courtyards thus offering privacy and a quiet atmosphere. The interior decors are simple yet luxurious. This is a different kind of hotel and it might not benefit from extraordinary views but it still offers an unforgettable and unique experience to all those visiting it.