Moire unique sofa design

Designed by Jan Čtvrtník, the Moire sofa is especially designed to have a beautiful and unique form and comes with various different shades. Moire is a sofa with a low deep seat and it not intended for placement against the wall. In your living it is a must have, and it will turn  it into an extraordinary place.

Moire unique sofa designView in gallery

Moire unique sofa designView in gallery

The sofa is available in many colours and also in a floral pattern and you can choose the right model depending on your taste, style and also the design in your home. It is upholstered and soft, really comfortable and inviting, for an afternoon film watching, napping or a long talk with your friends in the living room.

Moire unique sofa designView in gallery

The sofa has a particular shape – something like a normal rectangular sofa with delicate legs, just completed somehow with some upward arm rests at the edges. But these are not fully attached to the rest of the sofa body, but they come with a space in between, similar somehow to the ancient Roman chairs.

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Posted in Sofa and Chair on December 16, 2008

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