Modula’s Color Therapy Lamp

After LED Staircase Handrail Concept, now it`s time for a LED lamp which can be controlled with your cell phone if you want to change its colors. Designer Peter Kuhar explains the reason for his lamp’s adjustability:

“Different activities require different types of lighting… Green forests or blue oceans for relaxation, red and orange fires for creativity and romantics, yellow flowers for attention.”

The Color Therapy Lamp is a sleek trio of circles that hangs from the ceiling like a constellation of UFOs. It’s always good for designers to know their market!We all know in theory that colors can change our mood and influence us for the worse or for the better. But we rarely apply what we already know into practice. However, there are daring people like this designer who had the idea of using colors for therapy in a very simple way – by allowing you to change the lamp colors. It’s simple, but very effective. Change the room color according to your mood and benefit from all the technology discoveries like changing the colours by simply using your cell .