Clever Design Solutions That Use Wine Buffets

A buffet is nothing more than a simple cabinet with shelves and it’s usually used for things like dinnerware and table linens. But, as always, there are variations. The wine buffet is one of them. Over the years, the term buffet lost its meaning but the actual piece of furniture is still present in various forms.

wine buffet

A classical wine buffet is basically a cabinet with lots of little compartments in it for storing wine bottles. It often also includes a few drawers where accessories are stored. The top of the buffet can serve as a bar. Some models have pull-out trays designed to make cocktail preparation easier.

Dining room fridge wine storage

The wine buffet is usually found in the dining room. If the dining room and kitchen share an open floor plan, there are a few ways in which the buffet can be integrated into the kitchen island or some other furniture piece.

Vertical wine storage for kitchen

Not all wine buffets are actually buffets, especially when space is limited. In such cases a simple wine rack can be made part of a kitchen cabinet or island or can be displayed on the counter or wall. Either way, there are many possible configurations to consider.

Not traditional wine buffet

Instead of the traditional wine buffet in the dining room, a more modern wine cooler can be a more suitable option in some cases. This works particularly well for contemporary homes with open floor plans and large kitchens.

Wall storage for wine
A wine cooler can be easily integrated in a kitchen island to be accessed from the dining room side. It can be beautifully complemented by a wall-mounted wine rack. This combo is not the only possible or suitable so be creative.

kitchen storage for wine bottles
Of course, not all modern and contemporary residences have open floor plans where the kitchen and dining room share the same space. Separate dining rooms are still a great idea when a more formal ambiance is desired. Adding a wine buffet to this space enhances this type of décor.

Round bench for dining table and vertical wine storage

An alternative to the traditional wine buffet which takes quite a bit of space is a vertical wine rack. The option is especially suitable for small dining areas such as this nook. It can be customized and adapted accordingly.

Comfortable tufted chairs for round dining table
In general, separate dining areas include some sort of storage cabinet for dinnerware, glasses and other things. It would be easy to find one with an integrated wine cooler or wine rack. Alternatively, one can be custom made to perfectly fit the room and its style.

Built in wine storage for bottles
Before you make a decision regarding the type of wine buffet or cooler you want for your home, take the time to consider your needs and lifestyle. Figure out what the best place for such a feature would be, the ideal dimensions and other related aspects.

Black wine buffet and glassware storage
This is a good look for a traditional dining room. The wall-mounted cabinets with glass fronts keep the décor transparent and open while also suiting the style. There’s enough storage for everything without cluttering the room.

Rustic built in wine storage

An interesting idea is to make the dining room look similar to a wine cellar in which case a wine buffet, rack or cooler would fit perfectly in the décor. Creating such a look is not overly complicated. Sometimes it can be enough to just choose the right materials, colors and textures.