Modular sofa system by Studio Lawrence

Modern interiors are more and more versatile than the traditional ones, therefore a lot more room is created to play with both decorations and furniture. The fact that usually the interior walls are painted in neutral colors, mostly white and clean floors a lot of things can fit in easily because there are no boundaries.

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A perfect example of what I just said can be spotted in these pictures. They feature a new type of seating that is meant to be playful but also sophisticated in a special way.  Studio Lawrence played with angles, colors and seating position and they came up with a nontraditional seating. Part sofa, part individual chairs To Gather creates new possibilities and great perspectives for the entire family and friends to interact and explore together.

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The entire ensemble is pretty sturdy and robust; the standard seat is 50 cm wide and, very important is available with a set of arms, single arm, or a wider option of 72 cm with arms that can hold a square cushion that can be used very easily as a nice flat surface to work on, or for your laptop. As you can see the individual seats can be linked together using a variety of sharp angles and other connecting elements that allow you to basically create any seating combination you like.

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Perfect for nowadays youth this modular seating might be a real success. All we can do is to wait and see what happens.