Modular Shelf from West Elm

Ever since my little girl was born and after that learned how to walk I had to place all the things on higher shelves because she was very curious and wanted to grab everything. In time this turned into a habit, into something that I like and I discovered I actually loved arranging all kinds of things on the walls by using different shelves. Of course the best results are obtained when the design created is dynamic and fluid, something unusual and asymmetrical like this Modular Shelf from West Elm.


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These wall shelves are very simple in design and made of wood and they look great when combined in groups of two or three, but even when you use only one. These shelves are made of medium density fiberboard veneer wood and this makes them pretty lightweight, allowing you to secure them on the wall, without the danger of falling.

The shelf is actually made of three parts that attach one to another by using a very simple technique our ancestors used when building wooden cabins in the forest or in the mountains: a carefully carved place where you fix the second half of the board. The shelf ends are situated at different height, giving it an irregular and original look. As you can see from the pictures, the shelves are available in black and white and a set of two can be bought for $59-$139 from West Elm, depending on size.