Modular Open Wine Buffet Finished in Mahogany

Built-in cabinetry for stacking wines has become a tad old-fashioned and the contemporary as well as the stylish alternative to the same is a modular open wine buffet. The buffet becomes all the more appealing when it is finished in Mahogany, hardwood and Mahogany veneers.

Modular Bar Buffet with 2 Wine Bases3View in gallery

The buffet on view here from Pottery Barn includes a cabinet base and 2 wine grid bases and a single wine grid base holds 24 bottles. Also, each base has a breadboard pullout and a drawer for accessories. The wood swatches you see below are individually available for $25 each and are simple to assemble.

Modular Bar Buffet with 2 Wine Bases3

This is actually a clever cabinet. It can be used as a bar and this is very convenient since all the wine bottles are stored inside. And there are also additional storage drawers for other things you might want to store there. When it’s not used, you can just use it as a place to keep other things on.

Modular Bar Buffet with 2 Wine Bases3

This piece could be placed in the kitchen or in the living room, or even outside as long as it’s in a protected area. It’s a traditional-vintage furniture piece with a very subtle modern touch. It would make a great addition to any home. The natural wood-like finish makes it look very look. It’s a very beautiful and functional furniture piece.