Modular Houses Made of Prefabs

The photos that you can see here show you a beautiful house made of modular prefabs which is located somewhere in South Africa. However, you can use this kind of material to build your house in whatever place you like or choose for your future home. These prefabs are already made of recycled wood and you only choose the place where you want to build your house and buy the materials and then start doing it. Which takes a maximum of a few days. Not to mention the fact that it is totally green, meaning that you do not have to cause any trees to be cut in order to use their wood for your house.

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It is a very inexpensive and fast solution for making a house in a couple of days. It uses modules, meaning that you can use as many as you want for building your house with a number of rooms at your choice and you can also arrange them as you see fit, which gives your house a lot of personal touch, avoiding this way the stereotype form and arrangement of houses.

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If you decide to also use some solar panels and get the energy during summer or the hot season, then your house will be totally eco or green.If you are interested in the subject or simply curious, why don’t you visit Ecomo official web site and find out more.

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