Modular Frank collection by Antonio Citterio

This next furniture collection is something that any living room could benefit from. It’s a modular collection, meaning that the pieces can be moved around and combined freely in order to obtain a shape that fits the space you have available. Also, this is great in situation when you have guests coming over so you have to change a little the way your living room looks like ir order to make accessible to everyone.

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Frank does all that with style. It’s a very elegant furniture collection featuring a relatively simple design that still manages to be eye-catching. Frank allows a lot of different sitting arrangements to be created, some more formal than others, according to the situation and the user’s needs. The collection features six different elements that can be combined in order to form several different designs.

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Moreover, besides the sofa and additional seats, there are also a few other pieces of furniture that, combined with these ones, create a very strong but very beautiful contrast. This means that you can also opt for a table and bench set that made of brushed thermo-treated ash wood that with complement your furniture collection. There are also other separate pieces that can be added in case you need extra seating places. You can also opt for an oval stuffed pouf and a metal satin varnished coffee table that is available in six different colors. As you can see there are a lot of options but the decision is only yours.Available on bebitalia.