Modular Brickbox Design Shelving System

Modular furniture is very practical and functional. It allows you to be creative and to make your own design but also to have a flexible item that can serve multiple purposes and situations. Brickbox offers you all that and more. This is a very ingenious storage unit composed of several separate boxes or compartments. Each individual piece can be used separately or in combinations of any number.

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The great thing about Brickbox is that it offers you the possibility to simply detach a certain box and move it somewhere else or change its position. This element comes in very handy when you need to move. You can just take the boxes one by one, put them in a truck or car, take them to your new location and reassemble them. You don’t even have to empty the boxes because they serve as safe compartments. The boxes have standard dimensions and shapes. They are rectangular piece, made of wood and they feature two carvings on the sides that serve as handles.

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Each box also has two small holes on the upper side and two very small “feet” on the bottom that can be inserted on the holes of the box beneath them. They form a large puzzle and they stay safe and secure until you decide to move them or disassemble them. Then they serve as carrier boxes. The Brickbox unit offers you great freedom. You can arrange the boxes any way you want. You can create your own design that would serve you perfectly.