Modu-licious #3 from Bludot

When you have a house you will see the most difficult thing is to keep it clean. This happens when you live in it for more than five years because you gather all kinds of smaller or bigger things and at a certain point you no longer know where to store everything. This Modu-licious #3 from Bludot is the perfect storage space for your house. This piece of furniture is cleverly designed, so you do not guess what it is used for and what room it was designed for. You can use it where you need it and it will fit perfectly anywhere.

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635 photo 2 200345This storage cabinet is modular and that is why it is called Modu-licious – obviously coming from two combined words : modular and delicious. Yet, it is deliciously modular and useful. It is designed by Blu dot and is made of hardwood veneer and powder-coated metal. The four perfect squares can come in different colours and shades, but the overall effect is pretty nice. There are six possible colour combination for the front door of the drawers that are made of powder coated steel. You can choose the outside colour of the cabinet – maple, graphite on oak or walnut and all this for $729.20.