Modernity in Lamps by Giles Godwin-Brown

Everybody has at least one lamp at home, no matter it is modern or as old as you are. However, at a certain point in your life, when you decide to change things in your life, you make a choice, either to keep your old companion from the times when you used to read under its warm light or to renounce and buy a new one. It depends only on you, on what kind of person you are, sentimental or not really… Anyway, the two lamps that you can see are definitely different from what you expected to see, right? First, they are the work of the lighting designer Giles Godwin-Brown, both modern, both dimensional.

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The Nepa Lamp is a six-feet lamp, but the most interesting parts are two others; one: it is wall-mounted and its friction hinges allow its moving away from the wall. It uses high-powered LED lighting and it is made of plywood, stainless steel, with aluminum details. The Candor Lamp is different, although it is also wall-mounted, but so nice that it makes me think of a toy more than of a lamp.

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Made of cotton and timber, wired with LED lighting, it has a transparent strip that provides that “halo” glow on the wall. If you cannot make up your mind, take both of them and the problem is solved!