Modern Wood Tiled Dresser

More and more interior designs are based on natural materials.Like showing the proper respect to the nature by living in harmony together.Nature is renewable and if we take a good care it will continue to provide life suporting elements for us to thrive and to flourish.This particularly object  is made from wooden tiles on a fine crafted metal frame.

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This 3-Drawer Wood Tiled Dresser has a smooth laquered body and the bronze finish  make the item original with an antique look.Thanks to its generous size, this dresser measuring 33×18,5×33 inches it is also functional, offering plenty of storage place compartimented in three main areas.This unique dresser features metal drawer glides and cross frame base.Another interesting feature is that handel are also plated with the bronze finish giving an overall antique finish.

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Although these types of  objects are  by nature versatile and having the posibility of building them in any form with any materials or colors, drawers or shelves this particularly  piece of furniture is suited to a modern ,recusant interior.   I can imagine it in a cozy flat with big windows and monochromatic color tones.In an warm and bright environment  with wooden floors and vintage armchairs or in an open airy bedroom with sliding glass doors that opens a terrace looking towards the sea, letting the soft breeze to enter inside.For 567,29 Euros or 741,22 dollars you imagine it in your own setting.