Modern with a side of Ranch

Hufft Projects have made a splendid renovation of this Ranch-style home, which looks absolutely gorgeous with its name given by the team as “Modern with a side of Ranch”. The house was a single storied ranch before the renovation and it looks very different after it is redesigned. There is a master suite on the first floor along with two children’s rooms as part addition to the old design. There is a small-vegetated roof which is located near to the stairs and can be viewed from the upper landing.

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It’s a really large house, perfect for a family. If you like nature and you like being a part of it, than a house like this might be just perfect for you. Some people like to live in the country, or on a ranch and even just to have a house somewhere, as long as it’s not an apartment. Other people, like me for example, prefer to live in a crowded apartment, along with all the other neighbors. There’s something about the apartment that makes them feel safe and so they have no intention or desire to change the way they live.

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But it would be nice to have a ranch like this one. It’s modern so it has all the features you need and the location is also great. It’s in a quiet and calm place, where you can go to forget about the stress and the problems. It’s almost like a holyday except for the fact that you would be living in there every day.