Modern Wine rack by Umbra

Wine is something everyone enjoys every once in a while and this makes wine racks a must have in every home. There are numerous types of designs, shapes and styles for this particular piece. You can consider it a home accessory as it can also be an accent piece. Some have unusual designs which allow them to also serve as focal points in a décor. For example, the wine racks from Umbra would stand out in any type of décor.


Umbra offers a very interesting selection of wine racks. Their creations feature simple but eye-catching shapes with curved lines and delicate angles. These wine racks stand out with their simplicity and innovative look. Wine racks are very versatile. You can use them in your home in rooms such as the kitchen, the dining area or the living room and, of course, in the wine cellar.


These particular ones were designed to perfectly integrate in modern and contemporary interiors. The three wine racks we’re focusing on today feature interesting shapes and they have a versatility and modularity which allows them to also serve as decorative elements.


The number of wine bottle you can store and display in these wine racks differs with each model. The transparent one is very beautiful and it can hold up to 5 bottles. It allows you not only to store the bottles safely but to also display them and admire them from all angles. The other two designs are just as visually appealing thanks to their modern and simple looks. They have a very nice architectural appeal.