Modern Wine carrier from Zebag

Made in the country of wines and cognac, the Zebag, is a great wine bag model. I would say that this kind of transportation is a “ultimate wine bottle carrying case”.Imagine that you go to a party and the host is calling you to say that they need a couple of wine bottles. You will arrive as a gentleman with your briefcase in one hand and no wine bottles in the other one.

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Everyone will ask where the wine is. You will open the briefcase on the table and everyone will go mad. That is a great party start and a great mood set for the people. You can use this design to store wine at home, in a modern way, in a way that your wine collection will be presented to your guests in style.

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This design of the Zebag, has six compartments when carried, for the most refined tastes of yours, your family and your friends. You can use the briefcase to store wine on the table, or on your kitchen walls. You can use the briefcase to decorate the apartment. It will look like a sculpture in relief. When it is used in the flat plan the Zebag can hold up to 11 bottles. The Zebag comes in black, red, khaki and grey and is available from Amazon for about $50.