Modern Windsor Accent Chair

When I hear or read the name Windsor I immediately associate it with the British royal family, with rich people and impeccable style. I think of elegance and nobility, of grace and taste. Well, I seem to be true because all my expectations were met when I saw this amazing Modern Windsor Accent Chair. It is the modern version of the traditional English style in furniture and it seems to combine the two features in an incredible way. It is both modern and traditional, looking great and also breathing history. The chair has minimalist lines that show the fact that it is actually an updated version of the Windsor chair.

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The chair has been known in the world of specialists in furniture design for about three hundred years, but this time it brings new accents and a modern look. It no longer has upholstery, but the back rest is made of thin black pieces of wood that look magnificent when stuck to the rounded frame. This chair is made of solid wood and has a black-stained finish. The guys from West Elm have a special offer for the holiday season, so if you want to purchase this chair you can do it now for a considerable discount, so you will pay only $299 instead of $399.