Modern White Interior House in Kharkov by Vladimir Latkin

The photograph Andrey Avdeenko took some pictures of the Vladimir Latkin project who prefers simple and laconic forms, minimum of decoration and natural warm colours. The apartment has three entrances.

Vladimir Latkin apartment

There is a billiard-room and bar in the mansard, and on the ground floor there is a Turkish bath and other rooms. The living area floor is covered with the artificial granite with an almost unnoticeable venge pattern. The walls are naturally milky-white. The space is furnished with the long table and chairs of the Italian company Calligaris. There is a light green Berloni suit of furniture in the kitchen with metallic Calligaris chairs.

Vladimir Latkin apartment23

White interior have a very fresh and clean look, plus the white create the impression of bigger places. Everyone has its own preferences when it comes to interior designs. People often know what they want but they are having trouble finding it. And sometimes they have no idea what they want and they just make their decisions on the spot.

Vladimir Latkin apartment7

Vladimir Latkin apartment2

Vladimir Latkin apartment1

So in this case some extra help is always welcomed. We present you a few options to choose from or to be inspired by. There are many different styles and designs and each one of them is beautiful and special. Some of them are more simple, others more sophisticated, some are classic or traditional and some are more modern. But whatever the style is, the important thing is that you like it and you’re happy with it because you’ll have enjoy it for a long time.  So choose carefully and consider all the options because it’s an important decision.