Modern white glass top outdoor table

The sun is up, so I simply can’t stay indoors, especially at the weekend when i am free. I look for a place to go and i usually find out pretty easily : I go to my sister’s who lives in a house with a small but very pretty and welcoming garden, I go to the forest for a walk or a picnic or even go to the swimming pool to cool after a hot day in the sun. Well, all these places are perfect to visit in summer, but you need to find the right furniture for them, as lying in the sun or staying near the pool can get really messy for wooden furniture. That is why smart designers looked for and found the solutions for this problem and created such beautiful items like this Modern white glass  top outdoor table.

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It is stylish and classy and all “dressed in white”, perfect for the summer days near the pool. It has a white powder-coated aluminum frame and the top is made of tempered glass. That prevents accidents that might happen and, even if the table top gets broken, the people around will not get hurt. The materials it is made of make the table weather resistant and pretty useful, as it allows you to seat up to six chairs around it. The purchasing price is now $338.99.