Modern western Stefano leather loveseat

When you say love it you usually imagine something romantic since the name has the word “love” in it. That was the case with the original designs that actually took that into consideration. Nowadays “loveseat” is just a word that lost its original meaning and it’s only employed to define a particular type of sofa. A good example to prove that would be the Stefano loveseat.

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It has a compact and rigid design that doesn’t really say romantic. It has an old world charm and I could never say that it’s an ugly or unpleasant piece of furniture but it just doesn’t really express what it used to.

The Stefano leather loveseat measures W 59″ x D 38″ x H 35″ and it has a very special modern western look. The two toned leather upholstery gives it a unique look and personality. It’s a very comfortable piece of furniture, simple and yet eye-catching, with those nailhead details along the frame. If you would also prefer some more matching piece of furniture you can also opt for the Stefano leather chair, the Stefano leather ottoman or the Stefano leather sofa. They are all part of the same collection, featuring similar designs and using the same materials and details. Because of this particular look, such a collection is not easy to integrate in a home. But in the right décor it would make a splendid addition.The price it’s available on request.