Modern weekend family house in Spain by M2arquitectura SCP

La Morera del Montsant is an old and quiet town located in Tarragona, Spain. It’s a beautiful weekend and holiday destination and the location this family chose for their weekend retreat. This single family house has a beautiful façade with stone walls and a contrasting interior with a contemporary décor. The house was a project by Meritxell Lázaro & Mischa Essletzbichler from M2arquitectura SCP.

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The project was completed in 2010. The result was a beautiful house with a total of three levels. On the ground floor the owners placed the entrance, a small bathroom and a laundry room. This area is located on street level. There’s also an underground part where a multifunctional room is located. It’s mostly used for storage. The first floor includes a dining room and living room. It’s basically one large space used for cooking, easting and socialization.

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On the second floor were placed the private rooms. Here the owners have the bedrooms with a bathroom and a dressing room. Throughout, the interior features white walls and wooden floors. It’s a classical combination that results in a timeless décor. The rest is minimalist and modern. Some pieces of furniture add color here and there but, mostly, the décor is neutral and simple. The house is also nicely illuminated. At first, the roof presented a problem as it obstructed the natural light. The owners decided to flatten the roof above the dressing room in order to allow natural ventilation and light to get through and illuminate the rest of the house.{found on archdaily and pics by José Hevia Blach}.