How To Build An Upholstered Bench For Indoor Or Outdoor Use

A comfortable bench can turn out to be exactly what your home needed to be complete. Benches are not exactly popular and often get overlooked and not even considered as suitable furniture pieces when in fact they’re very versatile and really practical. An entryway or hallway could use a bench and so would a reading corner. Lots of other options are worth taking into consideration as well. We’ll explore those options while also showing you how easy to can be to build an upholstered bench for your own home.


Building an upholstered bench is very easy if you already have a low table you can transform. All you have to do is add a seat cushion. You can either upholster the whole table or only a portion and leave the end cushion-free so you can use it as a sort of built-in side table. You can have a look at the transformation on modhomeec. The materials needed include a coffee table, plywood, glass, sandpaper, foam, spray adhesive, fabric, a staple gun, spray paint and screws.

Coffee table turned into a bench1
Coffee table turned into a bench

Converting an old coffee table into a bench seems a pretty great way to recycle things. In addition, this is a lot easier than making the bench from scratch. Depending on the design, size and look of the table you can imagine how the bench would look like and make adequate changes such as painting the frame and selecting the right type of fabric or color as well as the idea place for the bench once it’s all done and ready to be used. You can have it placed in a corner and add some comfy pillows. {found on urbaejane}.

Trunk turned into a bench

Coffee tables aren’t the only thing you can convert into a comfortable bench. Another great option can be an old storage trunk like the one on ehow. It would have to have a flat top so you can add some foam and fabric. If you want to recreate this project you’ll also need plywood, a wood board and wood stain. Take out the lid of the trunk, staple the foam and fabric on it and cover the bottom with a board. Then put it back on.

coffee table turned into a cozy bench

Whether you decide to use a coffee table, a trunk or anything else to build yourself a comfortable bench, you should first take a moment and decide on a design and a style. This way you can figure out whether you have to paint or to stain the base as well as what type of fabric would best suit the new bench. For a rustic look, choose burlap. {found on thefrugalhomemaker}.

Upholstered X Bench

If you want to make the bench from scratch things get a bit more complicated although the project is still an easy one. You’ll need a few tools such as a drill, a saw, a nailer, a hammer, a staple gun, scissors and a ruler and some materials such as some wood boards, foam padding, batting, fabric, spray adhesive, nails, screws, wood glue and upholstery tacks. This is the list of supplies required by the project featured on rogueengineer and they’re for an X bench.

mid century bench design

A simpler design is described on little-nostalgia. To make this simple-looking bench you’ll need the following things: a piece of wood, four tapered legs, four mounting plates, foam, batting, fabric, a staple gun, a drill, scissors and a tape measure. Put foam, batting and fabric on the wood board and secure everything with staples. Then add the legs and you’re done.

wood pallets bench design

If you want, you can use a wood pallet, take it apart and use the pieces to build the frame for the bench. Some reclaimed wood from other projects would also work. Either way, the design will look similar to the one on mylove2create. The bench has a simple design and a storage shelf for shoes, bags and other things. You can put the bench at the entryway, outside on the deck and basically anywhere else you want. The design is versatile enough to adapt to a variety of different settings.

Hairpin legs bench

Hairpin legs could look really chic on a bench and you can use them to build a really stylish and elegant furniture piece. In addition to the hairpin legs you’ll also need a piece of wood, some fabric, foam, spray adhesive, a staple gun, a drill and screws if you want to build a bench similar to the one described on homepolish. You can add some accent pillows and other accessories to make the bench more comfortable.