Modern Umbrella Lamp by Pablo

This spring month brought many rainy days when the umbrella became an indispensable item. The weather was very tricky, as a sunny day became cloudy very quickly and a rain began in a minute. If you were not prepared for such sudden changes you could become wet in less than a minute. An umbrella has a protective role in many cases. Besides the rainy days, it can protect you from the hot rays of sun or the abundance of snow flakes which can cover you very fast.

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Those of you who would like to keep an umbrella in the house everyday but with a different purpose can choose this lovely Umbrella Lamp, manufactured by Pablo. It will not protect you from rain or other things like that but will light your room in such a nice way. This lamp is an adjustable modern lamp which is available as table lamp or floor lamp. Its washable lycra shade, the iron base of powder coated silver and the stainless steel shaft are just some details which can make you think of this offer.

If you worry about the color that can fit your room, you can stop worry about this problem because you can choose from different nuances like: ice blue, plum, silver, white and black. The bulbs are included for each model and size. Its sizes vary and for a price of $120.00- $ 220.00 you can choose the one that suites you best. Now you can stay under your own umbrella which will provide you the light that you need!