Modern Twin Shelves by gt2P

Practical, special and modern are three words that characterize this type of furniture. You can say practical because it is a piece of furniture that can be placed anywhere you like.It is a piece of furniture that keeps various objects of different shapes on its shelves so that you are not forced to find other places for each of them.

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Twin Shelves by gt2P
It is special because its holes give the impression of space, of light. The white colour has the same role and underlines the simplicity, freshness and free style of this piece of furniture. Nowadays each person tries to be more independent, to get more space to make his life as simpler as it can be.It is not a classic piece of furniture, full of old, dusty books that at a certain moment they do not even fit properly. It is definitely modern and the photos are the proof of this thing.{gt2P}