Modern TREE Restaurant in Sydney, Australia

Usually, when you hear that there’s a tree restaurant you tend to imagine that there’s maybe at least a real tree involved in the process, so from this point of view you might get disappointed. However, this feeling will be changing almost immediately as soon as you see the beauty of this amazing restaurant.

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Actually the Sushi Train is attempting to recreate HANAMI, which is the traditional Japanese festival of the Cherry Blossom in bloom.The original festival is celebrated under the cherry blossom trees and is a social gathering celebrating the arrival of spring. It’s a lovely tradition but not everyone has the possibility to celebrate it in its original form. This, along with the desire to create a modern version of this celebration are the factors that determined Koichi Takada Architects to design the TREE Restaurant in Sydney, Australia. The results are impressing and very beautiful.

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The central piece is a giant tree with the branches made of Timber profiles. Dappled light filters have been inserted between the branches of the tree so that the flairs of light would change as you move through the restaurant. This mimics the irregularities of natural sunlight offering the users a very beautiful experience.

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Even though it’s not an outdoor festival celebrated under real cherry blossom trees, this restaurant is a very close replica of this one and, more than that, allows you to enjoy the beauty of this place not just during the spring but throughout the whole year.