Modern Tree K-122 Bookshelves by X-Abitare

Space can be a problem sometimes. This is especially true for the home. Space is something very expensive and it is very important to make the most out of what you have. Space optimization is essential if you want to get more out of your living space. The bookshelves from X-Abitare are definitely cool making a original area. The cool K-122 Tree could become very useful and multifunctional additions for any modern room. This cool bookshelves can be book holders, magazine or CD racks, cloth hangers and you also could find a lot of other cool applications for them.

Nature-inspired items are more and more appreciated. We have already seen that tree-shaped storage space, and now it’s time for something a little different but in the same theme. It’s a bookshelf, actually many bookshelves and they all look like tree branches. They allow you to store your books or other things using these interesting fixtures.

They all have the same shape so in case you decide to purchase more than one the might be a little too symmetrical. But they come in a variety of colors, starting with a natural tone of brown and continuing with more colorful and fun options like red, green, purple, violet, grey and there’s even a transparent version in case you want to trick the eye.