Modern Top Level Loft With Pops Of Green

Nothing compares to the unique feeling you have when you like the place where you are. When the place is pleasant, there is continuity, light, amplitude reigns and surrounds everything around. The loft in the picture is spectacular with its different levels of communication, its omnipresent structure and not only… An important place is occupied by decorations and all they suppose, starting with the great sofa upholstered in a refreshing pistachio green to the corners, modules and especially to the details that make the difference and add a personal touch to the entire place.

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Among the most appealing aspects, there are the industrial stairs in white that communicate with the two plans of the loft, the double height salon. Another important part is played by the shades of color that animate a mainly white environment; green and yellow seem to emphasize the animated part of this space, just like the motto that is written on a wall and which seems to rule the owners’ life and which is the same as the old ” Carpe diem!” concept.

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All the rooms have something special, something that makes you like them and feel comfortable. They all have a personal print that makes people feel at ease and enjoy everything around, just as the motto says, to enjoy life, work and friends, have fun and everything around as this is the essence of life. Every little thing suggests good taste, personality, harmony, light and continuity.{found on micasarevista}.