Modern Tel Aviv Flat Inspired By The City’s History

Designed by London-based Chiara Ferrari Studio, this flat is located in Tel Aviv and it has a very modern and simple interior. It’s situated in an old building so once you pass the front door it’s a little unexpected to see such a contemporary décor. The designer responsible for this project was inspired by the rich and diverse architectural history of the city of Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv Flat Design

The apartment got renovated and completely transformed. It went from an old flat in an old building to a modern home with lots of character. The designer focused on refurbishing this 116 square meter flat. With the street on one side and the garden on the other, the apartment has a very well-balanced interior.

Tel Aviv Flat Design1

Tel Aviv Flat Design2

Tel Aviv Flat Design3

It’s simple but it feels warm and inviting despite the restraint color palette. The walls and ceilings are white throughout and the rooms also share grey flooring. This makes them feel bright and airy.

Tel Aviv Flat Design4

Tel Aviv Flat Design5

Tel Aviv Flat Design6

In addition, the furniture is simple, with clean geometric shapes and it lacks unnecessary ornaments. This makes them feel light and allows them to beautifully integrate into the décor chosen for this project. Even though the main style chosen is modern, it was important for this project to also preserve some of the structure’s original identity.

Tel Aviv Flat Design7

Tel Aviv Flat Design8

Tel Aviv Flat Design9

Local construction techniques and materials were used and everything was hand-picked and customized by the designer. This resulted in a flat with lots of character. The interior features a combination of concrete, while walls, pale woods and a neutral color palette based on whites and greys.