Modern technology and contemporary faucet design

Living in a century that transforms our lives with every day and every invention or innovation can have its little rewards.Artificial intelligence and software helps us making our living more comfortable and more easy.Today everything has sensors and everything knows everything. The other day I spend an entire hour to set up my car, because it is filled with sensors, computers, stability programs and all sorts of gadgets that are suppose to keep me safe and comfortable.

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The days when you just got in the car, turned the key and took off are long gone my friend. This madness is everywhere and if you don’t believe take a look at this faucet. It has a smart chip which controls the water flow, temperature and so on. This little smart item is meant to be a little luxury item that will bring another perspective in modern bathrooms. Build by Chinese designers and engineers this faucet even has a modern intelligent lighting system that indicates the water’s temperature to avoid accidents when the water is too hot.

Although each year at the international design fairs a lot of new sanitary items and taps, showers and so on are presented, none of them really brought a substantial change in the design despite the fact every single item has something electronic embedded in their structure. This thing changes the human perspective over things that not until yesterday did a perfect job doing simple things, now everything seems to be controlled by touch or by click. I don’t get it!