Modern Swing Pendant Light by Monochro Design Studio

Even the smallest apartment has several rooms in need of lighting and most modern family houses have a minimum of ten interior spaces, not to mention the external areas that need illuminating. This can be a decorating heaven or hell, depending on how interested you are in lighting up your life, or at least: your special space.

Monochiro 160410 01 630x893

This year at SaloneSatellite show in Milan, was revealed a colorful and modern pendant light designed by Monochro Design Studio.

TIP: In the living area, you can enhance the ambiance of the room and add dramatic effect to any artistic features by alternating pendant lighting with lamps or wall sconces.

Monochiro 160410 01 630x893

This is an interesting idea. The design created a dynamic image and it also looks really good. It’s such a simple design and yet the image it creates is strong. The design seems to be inspired by the ribbons and the way they create those visual images when moved in circles. The light these suspended lamps create is pretty strong and because of the design they create all sorts of playful or dramatic images. There are multiple color options, like pink, yellow or blue but all the color tones are soft and quiet. So I would say this pendant could look good in a bedroom, but also in a living room. The location is really not important.