Modern Studio Apartment in Reykjavik

It is amazing what some inspired people can do with a tiny place. This apartment is situated on top of Reykjavik City center facing the famous church and the Sculpture Museum and was designed by Gudmundur Jonsson Arkitektkontor. The location of the house is on the second floor  with a great view towards the church with mountains in distance. This combination of factors was the real reason for the investment, the place was at that time in a pretty bad condition.

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There is only one apartment on each floor  and a slight modification was made to increase the space and to set another layout over the room. Before this the place had been divided into separated rooms, but now the designers focused their attention towards open-plan solutions with division possibilities with acrylic sliding elements to separate the bedroom. Let’s starts with the opened kitchen with white cabinets and black island top.

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No visible handles for a smooth simplified designed and covered all in car paint for the glossy finish. The  ceiling’s   height is rather above average and with the white paint   found everywhere  the possibility of experiencing the space with more grandeur is created.Everything is modern decorated and furnished , quality materials were used and the lighting system with LED lights around the TV-wall and under the bed complements the entire living space. The bathroom has mirrorglass on one of the longitudinal wall to enlarge the feeling of space.