Modern Stripe Sailor Olive Tablecloth

There is something about stripes that makes you think of sailors and navy. I guess the stripes can suggest waves and the sea or something similar. Any way, stripes are beautiful as long as you do not add anything more and keep everything very simple. They are perfect in a single colour against a white background and this way the chromatic effect is guaranteed. This Sailor Olive Tablecloth is the perfect example of good taste and style when it comes to using stripes. I know this is only a tablecloth , but it can make a table look great or awful, so it not just an unimportant accessory.

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The tablecloth is combined in an inspired way with olive plates and cups and the chairs around the table are white – so simple like I said. The tablecloth is entirely made of cotton and it is hand printed so that it won’t lose anything from its beautiful design. That is why it is recommended for you to wash it in cold water, preferably by hand.

But you can use the washing machine, too, if you use the gentle cycle. Also iron it while still wet if you want to avoid all the wrinkles. Depending on the size of the tablecloth, its price might vary between $80 and $110.