Modern Space Saving Sofa For Small Spaces

Nowadays many of the newly built homes on the market seem to be built with smaller bedrooms than the older, traditional properties did. And if you need two beds in a bedroom, then its a problem with space. But with the Doc XL  sofa from Clei the space should be a problem. This Doc XL sofa transforms into stylish bunk beds easy.

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Clei furniture 2

It’s unusual for a sofa to be extendable and to turn into a comfortable bed for the night. But it’s really uncommon for a sofa to be able to transform into not one but two beds. This is the first time I see something like this and I love the idea. It’s revolutionary piece that will completely change the design of small apartments or houses. In there, space is always a problem and the sofa is usually something that is not optional. The bed is not optional either so you’re stuck with two large pieces and you just have to have in your home.

Clei furniture 3

But with this clever and ingenious design, you can have three pieces in one. During the day it’s just a sofa, a comfortable one by the way. And during the night, in just a few second and little effort, the sofa turns into two comfy beds. It’s a very useful piece in case you have extra guests over night or if you’re just having trouble with the space.