Modern Soho Loft With Industrial Touches And Bold Colors

This beautiful loft can be found on Mercer Street in SoHo, New York City. It was a project by David Howell Design and it features a very nice combination of modern and industrial elements. The loft is located on the lower level so it presented a series of challenges. One of the most important ones was to bring natural light inside the rooms. To solve this problem, the team came up with a practical and multifunctional idea.

Soho loft david howell design2

They designed a partial wall which serves two purposes. It delimitates and creates a subtle transition from the public area to the private zone while also bringing natural light and fresh air into the loft, particularly into the private spaces. As for the design and influences, this loft features a harmonious mix of classical historical elements with modern and industrial touches.

Soho loft david howell design

Soho loft david howell design1

Soho loft david howell design4

Soho loft david howell design5

Each style has its own characteristics and they can all be seen here. The classical elements are elegant and make the rooms feel stylish while the modern details feature simple and clean lines that complement the rest of the décor beautifully.

Soho loft david howell design6

Soho loft david howell design7

Soho loft david howell design8

Soho loft david howell design9

Soho loft david howell design10

This combination of styles was achieved by preserving most of the original details and adding a few modern touches. Among the elements that have been retained during the renovation and redesigning process you can still see the stripes cast iron columns, the original floors and the windows. The result was an eclectic interior with artistic beauty.