Modern Small Yoyogi House in Tokyo

The Yoyogi House is located in Tokyo, Japan and it was designed by frontofficetokyo. Responsible with the structure was Alan Burden while Tokiu Kensetsy took case of the construction. The residence was completed in 2008. It occupies a total of 80 square meters and it’s a modern construction.

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Even though it’s a small house it has a strong structure and an imposing look. It’s an interesting addition to Tokyo’s old residential area with its narrow streets and traditional designs. The site is basically flanked by tall, blank walls on the sides and it faces directly the neighbor’s house on the South. It’s not the type of freedom the owners originally wanted but they managed to achieve that by other means.

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The owners requested a small and efficient home that would allow them to incorporate spaces for hobbies and a small painting area, as well as a work station for the wife. They also requested access to the outdoor space and, if possible, a garden where they could grow strawberries and then make home-made jam. It sounds like a modest request for a cute middle-aged couple. But even though it was a simple request it wasn’t that easy to make it come true in a modern and dense city. Nevertheless, the architects managed to work everything out with the clients who finally got what they wanted.{pics by Daisuke Akita and found on archdaily}