Saving Space With Graceful Spiral Staircases

Space can be a problem, especially when a lot of features and elements need to be included in a limited area. It’s when spiral staircases are most efficient. A spiral staircase offers functionality in a compact form and can also serve as a sleek and graceful décor element.

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Spiral staircases have graceful designs so they fit in any kind of décor

Save space by placing the spiral staircase in the corner of the room. It can be the focal point of the space and it would gracefully fit in there. It’s a strategy you can adopt if you have a small studio or loft or if you decide to renovate and add a loft space which wasn’t initially included in the design.

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They are excellent options for small hallways

Another elegant option is a spiral staircase that wraps around a sleek wall in the hallway. It would be a freestanding element designed to save space in an attractive and elegant manner. In here, for example, the staircase is also the feature that delimitates the kitchen from the rest of the open floor plan.

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A spiral staircase can fit nicely in the corner of a room

A spiral staircase can easily fit in areas such as a living room. Its sculptural look and design plus the fact that it takes very little floor space and wraps around a thin pole don’t make it a big inconvenient compared to the functionality it offers.

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An excellent example of how spiral staircases let you save space

A house with high ceilings can be restructured and a loft space can be added, for example, above the kitchen. A spiral staircase can offer access to this upper portion and can also become a beautiful part of the room’s overall design.

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The graceful shape gives the staircase an elegant look no matter the design

Spiral staircases don’t need unusual combinations of materials or bold colors to stand out. In fact, it’s when they’re simple that they look most alluring.

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The right combination of colors is often just as important as the design itself

Of course, color can also be part of a spiral staircase’s design. The interior can be white while the exterior is red in which case the effect will be eye-catching ad the contrast will be a classical and elegant one.

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In this home, a wooden staircase was chosen to match the rest of the décor

Depending on the design of the area where the staircase is situated as well as the style chosen for the décor in general, this element can feature a variety of looks. This wooden staircase has a traditional design which makes it great for this home library and its sober décor.

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Because metal is tough and durable material, it allows for less robust designs to be created

A metal staircase will likely appear less robust than a wooden one, given how durable and strong metal is and how little material is needed for a stable and safe design.

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A very sleek spiral staircase, not at all visually intrusive

Spiral staircases with a metal structure are ideal for small homes. They’re not at all visually intrusive so they can even go unnoticed. However, it will likely be the focal point, no matter how simple its design is.

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The metal staircase and the brickwork give this room an industrial feel

Take advantage of the staircase’s sculptural look and structure and play with its design. Include a sleek staircase in an industrial-inspired home where it will contrast with elements such as the exposed brick and beams but where it will also fit like a glove.

The clean lines of the spiral staircase match the minimalist design

The clean and simple lines of this spiral staircase and the combination of wood and metal in this particular context allow it to become the main attraction in this minimalist décor.

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