Modern Skylight Shades To Adjust The Light With

The first thing that comes to mind when skylights are in discussion are those dreamy views of the star-filled sky at night. But it’s not all stars and beauty all the time. In fact, these views are pretty rare. Skylights are often used to add natural light to a space. So what about those moments when there’s just too much light, when the sun becomes disturbingly bright and when you want some shade and privacy? It’s when you wish you had skylight shades.


When installing the skylight shades, takes this opportunity to also complete the room’s color palette. Like these red and yellow shades that gives the kids’ room a colorful and playful look. This idea can also be applied to other spaces.{found on velux}.


You can match the color of the shades to other elements in the room such as a pair of armchairs, a wall painting or a light fixture. This allows the colors to coordinate well and gives the room décor a cohesive feel.{found on fakro}.


A beautiful example of color coordination can be seen here when the skylight shade matches the bedding. The rest of the décor is neutral and these are the only eye-catching details. It’s a strategy that keeps the room fresh and relaxing.


Adding skylights to this kitchen was a really good idea. The natural light changes the ambiance, making the kitchen feel a lot more inviting. In addition, the bright orange featured on the shades and bar stools cheers up the atmosphere.


In the base of the bedroom, the best place for a skylight is above the bed. This way the sky, the rain and everything else can be admired in the most relaxing and soothing way. But when you want to take a nap in the afternoon or when the sun shines bright in the morning, the shades are real life-savers. Plus, they contribute to a beautiful overall décor the rest of the time as well.


Increase the amount of light coming into the bathroom with skylights but don’t overlook privacy while you’re doing it. Always add skylights. We really enjoy the fact that there are two different colors on the shades in this case.


The color of the shades depends on the style and the décor of the room as well as on a series of functional factors such as their effectiveness at blocking the light. Darker shades are usually more effective.{found on lovethomas}.


An artist’s studio needs lots of natural light and skylights are a great way of getting it. However, this doesn’t eliminate the need for shade and privacy. By adding shades to the windows and skylights, the décor becomes very flexible and solves any related issues.{found on dumicanmosey}.


Another place where natural light is a must is the office. It’s why skylights and home offices get along wonderfully. But when the sun is high in the sky, it doesn’t help with the productivity. The shades, however, come to the rescue.{found on northwickdesign}.


Different types of skylight shades suit different styles and preferences. These ones, for example, are simple and elegant. Electronic blinds are a practical solution for high ceilings with skylights or for clerestory windows.

bulthaup b3 kitchen

Roman shades are a good option for skylights. Their casual design suits most styles and they can be adjusted and customized to match specific requirements. This particular type looks beautiful in this contemporary kitchen.{found on hobsonschoice}.


When the entire ceiling or a big part of it is one giant skylight, then things get a bit more complicated. And when there’s also a tree that needs to penetrate the ceiling the story changes completely. The positive side is that the tree offers some shade and the skylight shades don’t need to be super effective.{found on twspartners}.

ambiance you want to create

The type of shades you choose depends on the style and ambiance you want to create. This bedroom features a skylight that spans the ceiling and has retractable straw shades that give the room a casual look while also adding a bit of rustic charm.


A similar style is featured by these bamboo skylight shades. They complement the rest of the décor in this summer house in a really nice way. In addition, the contrast of colors and textures is pretty charming too.


The skylight shades and those ones on the windows can feature different styles. It would actually be less original if they all matched. So think out of the box, mix and match styles and colors to get the look you want.{found on frubau}.