Modern Shaker Floor Mirror

Most people use wall mirrors because they need to see their faces when getting out of the house, especially women who need to check their make-up or apply it correctly. But if you ask me floor mirrors are just as important or even more important because you must have an overall view on yourself before getting out in order to see if your clothes fit with each other and if they suit you. After all people notice your appearance first and only after that they can see your face and hear you speaking. Some clothes just do not suit us and we need to see that and change into something appropriate. Floor mirrors are the ones showing us the ugly face of the truth. Any way, this Modern Shaker floor Mirror from Vermont Studio is perfect for any home.

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It is handcrafted is handcrafted from solid wood and has a rectangular frame also made of wood. The bevel mirror is great for any modern living room or bedroom and you might consider placing it in the hallway, too, for a last check in the mirror before getting out of the house. The mirror has a non-toxic eco oil finish that is applied over the wood that you choose as material for your mirror from natural cherry, maple or walnut solid wood. It is built to order and sells for $1,071.00.