Modern sectional sofa by Istikbal

A lot of people prefer to have a sectional in their living room because they feel like this is the right choice. It’s big enough for everyone to gather, it’s comfortable and when needed it can be turned into a bed. The same goes for this particular sectional created by Istikbal. This beautiful piece of furniture is very comfortable and has a modern design.

Modern red sofa

The sectional is covered in either red or black fabric, according to the user’s preferences. Overall, it has a simple design. Nevertheless, it’s very elegant and stylish. The fabric is soft and the sofa is very cozy. It’s a great choice for a modern living room. You can choose the black version for a more sober look, or you can opt for the red one in order to obtain a more playful décor. As a sectional, it measures 93x56x34H. When extra guests come over and you need an extra place to sleep, the sectional can be easily turned into a bed. The bed’s dimensions are 79.5×32.

It’s a very practical piece of furniture because of its double functionality. Furthermore, there’s also another advantage that comes with this beautiful sectional. It features a very useful storage compartment underneath where various items can be stored away when not needed. So it turns out it has a triple functionality.Available for 855$.