Modern Residence In Milan Outfitted With Quirky Accent Features

Located in Milan, Italy, Casa con Dependance is a modern residence with a casual yet sophisticated design and décor. It was a project by Disegnoinopera, completed in 2013.

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The living area is quite small and includes several separate zones. The sitting area is placed in front of a big wall unit with tons of different storage compartments and shelves. It looks like a very organized space, where everything has a designated place, including the TV.

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Casa con Dependance spiral staircase1View in gallery

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On the other side of the room, an elegant spiral staircase takes center stage. Its graceful shape wonderfully complements the whole room and, as you may know, is the perfect choice when you want to save some space in style.

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A tiny dining area is tucked in the corner of the room and features an eye-catching chandelier with a modern-industrial appeal.

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Next, you step into a spacious kitchen but first you can’t help but notice the lovely little table and chairs placed against the wall. It’s a multifunctional space as it can serve as a cozy breakfast nook or work surface. Love the pendant light suspended above it.

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The bedroom has a very relaxing and intimate feel, with an earthy, neutral color palette, long curtains, a chic chandelier and glass doors that open onto a beautiful terrace. It’s the perfect place where you want to wake up.

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There are no dead spaces here. Every little area has a function, like this desk placed in the corner on this hallway. It has a small sofa to complement it and the space instantly becomes comfortable and inviting. Also, the lighting fixture is again an eye-catcher.

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Finally, the bathroom stands out with its well-organized design. It’s a great example of how a small bathroom can look chic without using any extraordinary features. It’s all about simplicity.