Modern primary school design by UArchitects and LENS°ASS architecten

This new school building can be found in Bochold, Belgium and is the result of the cooperation between UArchitects and LENS°ASS architecten. Even though the main purpose of the building is to act like a primary school, it was also intended to be used as a theater, as well as for evening education.

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The design is modern and the whole project was intended to create new experiences for education. It is a step forward that would hopefully make school more attractive to children. As we all know, school is not the most pleasant place to be when you’re a kid. But it is also necessary, so the best thing to do is to try to make it as pleasant as possible, because there is no 3rd choice.

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In an effort to create a friendly and safe place, the creators of this building have turned it into a light beacon during the night, which gives the visitors and users a sense of safety. In the end, the project was a success.