Modern Pergola Designs Inspired By The Classic Structures

Back when we focused on patio pergolas we reviewed the basic elements featured by a pergola as well as numerous designs, most of which followed the traditional guidelines and elements. Today we continue on the same idea but with a modern twist. So let’s take a look at a few modern pergolas and see what new elements they include as well as what they borrowed from the classic designs.


Simple and versatile, this pergola from BT Group has an aluminum frame with clean lines and sharp angles, following a basic rectangular form. The breezy white curtains and roof offer it an attractive look.


HAT is like a modern version of the traditional bamboo furniture pieces. It has a frame built of rounded aluminum poles which, in a way, look like large bamboo sticks. It can be used as a freestanding structure or it can be fastened to walls and existing structures. The sliding curtain can be folded and closed and all the curtains can be operated either manually or via a remote control.


The Helyos pergola has aluminum slats which are adjustable up to 120 degrees. This feature allows the user to adjust the brighteners and the ventilation to make the pergola as efficient as possible, depending on the time of the day, weather conditions, etc.



The Upper Wood pergola has a really simple and sleek design. As the name suggests, it has a wooden frame. In addition to this, the pergola also has an aluminum track for the sliding cover. This mechanism helps simplify the whole design.


A flexible or adjustable design is often more attractive and practical than the alternatives. A good example is the Flap Cabrio freestanding pergola. It has adjustable louvers which makes it easy to choose any desired version, depending on the weather conditions or preferences.


Similarly, the Flap pergola is flexible but in a different way. Its design allows it to be installed onto existing bearing structures which can be made of wood or other materials. It offers protection from the sun and the rain thanks to adjustable tabs and has a simple and classical structure.


The Ghost version of the Sintesi Pergola is also the type of pergola which can be attached to existing structures. It features a series of fabric panels which can be rolled and unrolled independently while the aluminum frames make it easy to install all the components.


Also part of the Sintesi collection, this design features a sliding cover but, compared to the other versions, the overall look is a bit more casual. The shade is operated horizontally and its purpose is exclusively to provide protection from the sun. That means this particular model is not efficient against the rain.


The elements described so far are common in the case of a lot of modern pergolas. They are integrated in various ways and they each define these structures in their own way. The Biodrop pergola, for example, has a sliding cover and is operated remotely via an electronic motor. It’s an all-aluminum structure with either four or six pillars.


With the Biossun pergola it’s easy to enjoy your outdoor spaces longer. The design is simple and modern, with covers that regulate the temperature while also offering protection from the sun and rain. This Bio-climatic pergola is made primarily of aluminum so its recyclable and eco-friendly.


Other pergolas have designs take offer a lot more than protection from the sun. The Opera, for example, features vertical closures which allow complete protection from the rain and sun when needed. The frame is made of aluminum and can be combined with existing structures or used as a freestanding feature.


The Lagune pergola also has a sliding cover and integrated screens which are completely closable. The fabric used is 100% watertight without blocking the light as well. As a result, the pergola can be used as year round without being limited to sunny days only.


Simple and versatile, the Med Room pergola features a sliding roof cover that uses a highly resistant PVC cloth which blocks the UV rays and offers protection from the sun and rain. This design is available with two, four or six supporting posts.